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This is the approximate KUBIC x Block chart for 24 Months.

1️. Double KUBIC per block

2. The raise of APR KUBIC/WOOP pair

3️. About Liquidity

Kubic is the evolution of The wDEFI token is renamed KUBIC, with a 1:1 ratio to wDEFI.

The new Woonkly Labs Help Center is available at:

On V 2.1, users will be able to move between the BSC and Ethereum.

The blockchain event will feature influential artists, panelists, and companies in the sector.

The regulated AMM is now fully operational — in BETA version — and the NFT Social Network & Marketplace will be launched during July 2021 according to Woonkly’s Roadmap.


Venture Builder focused on blockchain. Bridging the gap between blockchain and the Traditional World with NFT Social Network & Marketplace.

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