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On V 2.1, users will be able to move between the BSC and Ethereum.

1. The WOOP will be both in the BSC and Ethereum networks (on V 2.1)

The blockchain event will feature influential artists, panelists, and companies in the sector.

The regulated AMM is now fully operational — in BETA version — and the NFT Social Network & Marketplace will be launched during July 2021 according to Woonkly’s Roadmap.

On the new version of, users must approve a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) identity verification process.

Our CEO, Daniel Santos, announced during the last Woonkly Seminar that in the next 3–4 weeks the platform will migrate from the BETA phase to V2.

“GBC is not a conference nor an exhibition. This is an exclusive, closed-door, congress between investors and hand-picked Blockchain & DeFi projects looking to raise funds.”

You can check the launching countdown on ATTENTION! Please do not operate, swap, farm, or stake until the product is launched. It is not yet activated and may result in total or partial loss of funds. This is a technological and non-financial solution. Any operation is done at the risk and responsibility of the user.

Deposit, trade, and stake to share 60,000 WOOP

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Venture Builder focused on blockchain. Bridging the gap between blockchain and the Traditional World with NFT Social Network & Marketplace.

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