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Woonkly.com is a decentralized Metasocial Network where all the posts automatically become NFTs and are stored in IPFS. Woonkly.com presents the largest worldwide interactive directory for both the metaverse and reality. The platform is already live! Currently in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum Network. Why Woonkly.com? •It is created 100% on blockchain. •Each post becomes an NFT automatically. •Users can create an individual NFT or a series and earn royalties every time they transfer ownership. •All data entered by users belongs to the users (Woonkly never owns your data). •All content uploaded to the platform is hosted on the blockchain under IPFS Protocol. •Advertisers will be able to segment their campaigns and make them go viral using crypto. •It uses AI to suggest quality content to users connected with the blockchain. •Browse through art collections, photography, music, domain names, games, videos and more never-seen-before categories. And much more! Do you want to know more about Woonkly.com? Let's keep in touch through our official social media channels.

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