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About Woonkly

Woonkly Labs is a Venture Builder focused on blockchain. Woonkly creates startups that will potentially become the next unicorns and invest through its accelerator and fund the most promising ones. We are bridging the gap between blockchain and the Traditional World with state-of-the-art products such as / NFT Social Marketplace / Woonkly Accelerator and Fund / Woonkly Chain. Woonkly is a 100% transparent company, continuously evolving, and highly communicative, which is why we share frequent updates through our multiple social media channels. Woonkly believes in developing products with clear protocols and licenses that allow them to operate legally. All to contribute to the sustainable and legal growth of the global blockchain ecosystem. Do you want to know more about Woonkly Labs and our projects? Let's keep in touch through our official social media channels.

Editor of DeFi by Woonkly
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