CryptoPodcast, the new daily podcast from Woonkly Labs

The program will be available from Wednesday November 3 on all audio platforms

Woonkly Labs continues to open new horizons ahead of the launch of its new social network. Now, the Spanish-founded startup is launching CryptoPodcast, a new daily podcast to bring the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the public. To do this, in the mornings from Monday to Friday, they will delve into the most important news of the day and entertainment content for their community.

The podcast will start on Wednesday November 3 and, from then on, it will be available daily at 8:00 am. In this way, the public will choose where, how and when to consume the content, which will be divided into three different sections: Crypto News, Crypto for Dummies and Crypto Voices. The podcast will also be available in English.

Crypto News, by Woonkly Labs on CryptoPodcast

The ‘Crypto News’ section will be a regular feature from Monday to Friday at 8:00 am on Cryptopodcast. In it, we will talk about the most important news of the day, providing a brief commentary so that listeners are up to date in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in a matter of 5 minutes.

Crypto for Dummies, by Woonkly Labs on CryptoPodcast

The ‘Crypto for Dummies’ section will be available on Fridays every month. The Woonkly team will try to contribute as much content as possible with the aim of creating a new episode every Friday. The exact frequency of the section will be known after the first few programmes.

Crypto Voices, by Woonkly Labs in Cryptopodcast

The ‘Crypto Voices’ section will be present on CryptoPodcast once a week. It will include seminars conducted by Daniel Santos, CEO and founder of Woonkly, and contributions from experts in the blockchain and crypto world. It will thus become a section of learning and current affairs in the voice of those who best know this environment.

The Woonkly Labs podcast will be available on Ivoox, Spotify Podcast and Apple Podcasts. The public will be able to enjoy Cryptopodcast from 8 am on Wednesday, November 3.

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