Everything you need to know about the launch of Woonkly’s new Web3 Marketing Marketplace

6 min readJan 27, 2023

Users of Woonkly.com’s new Decentralized Advertising Panel will get 90% of advertisers’ total ad spend

This is what the new Woonkly.com Decentralized Advertising Panel looks like. Earn $ for watching ads.

What is the new Woonkly.com Web3 Marketing Marketplace? How to earn cryptocurrencies on the new Panel by viewing ads? How to use superpowers to maximize rewards? Here we leave you the summary of the Woonkly Web3 Marketing Marketplace Launch Seminar, presented by our CEO, Daniel Santos, on January 25, 2023.

We attended the launch of Woonkly’s Web3 Marketing Marketplace. A product presentation, in record time (only two months since Santos announced it to the community), of the decentralized advertising and sales system of the final version of Woonkly.com.

We reviewed the platform, experienced how it works, how to create advertising campaigns on the new Panel and how users can earn cryptocurrencies for interacting with the ads. Woonkly also arrives to revolutionize Play To Earn games, gamifying Web3 advertising. Do you want to know more? 👇

“This is the first step in the new era of Woonkly. We will incorporate more and more ways of direct interaction between advertisers and audiences, in which the brand earns, and users get cryptocurrencies for watching advertising. We have made decentralized advertising a reality. Woonkly.com now integrates a decentralized advertising panel where both advertisers and users win,” Daniel Santos.

The final version of Woonkly capitalizes on decentralized advertising

Welcome to Woonkly, the final version! Today we show you version 1.0 of Woonkly Web3 Marketing Marketplace, the new product of the Woonkly ecosystem that revolutionizes how we consume online advertising.

“It will be available on Mainnet so that all the members of our community can test it and create the first campaigns.” And this Friday, January 27, in Granada, at the Block World Tour at 18:00h, we will present the new Advertising Panel and launch the first small campaigns to start earning and demonstrate the power of the new Panel.

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Our CEO presented the Launch Seminar and explained the functionalities of the new Panel.

15 key takeaways from the Advertising Panel Launch Seminar

1. Connect with your wallet to the Panel. On your balance, it will automatically display how many Woonkly Mining Power NFTs you have. Also, your BNB and Superpowers balance.

2. Daily Bonus. You can claim a Daily Bonus every 24h. If today you click on CLAIM at 17:00h, tomorrow you can claim it at 17:01h. When you click on PARTICIPATE, you will see how many POC you have and enter the Lottery. You will have to confirm the transaction in your wallet. The Daily Bonus does not generate gas, as we have used Lazy Minting technology.

🚀 The CLAIM of the Daily Bonus is essential that you do it every day because then you can trade them.

The only use the POC currently has is the Lottery. But, we recommend you save them because later you will have an option in the Marketplace to trade them for free, without gas cost, and earn $.

3. Woonkly Mining Power Stake. At the Panel, you will see how many WMPs you hold in your wallet and Stake them very simply. The Stake is auto-calculated by weeks and is updated and recalculated as more advertisers join. When you Stake, you will start receiving rewards immediately. You can Unstake your WMP with a simple button and Withdraw your rewards whenever you want.

4. Monthly Free Pot. In the Panel, you will see the monthly Lottery. Now, it works monthly because we are getting started, but then it will become weekly and, later, depending on the Panel’s advertising flow, hopefully daily. From tomorrow, you can use your POC (obtained in the Daily Bonus) to participate. The Monthly Free Pot gives out 20 prizes per month. The more you participate in the Daily Bonus, the more POCs you will get. Since it has a gas cost, your best bet is accumulating a few and participating in the Lottery.

🥳 How to know if you win? You can check in the same Panel if you are a winner by clicking on the “Check if you are a winner” button just below the Monthly Free Pot.

5. The WOOP. To mint Superpowers, you need WOOP tokens. You can mint a Multi Ads with 7500 WOOP and a Double Power with 25.000 WOOP. When you get superpowers, the WOOPs used are burned, and the WOOP supply reduces.

6. Woonkly’s Superpowers. On the Panel, you can visualize all the superpowers you have in your portfolio. However, you only need one Multi Ads to see all the ads and one Double power to get double rewards for your interactions.

7. Do you need KYC? You can only earn rewards on Woonkly if you have passed the KYC verification. We have implemented a technology that checks in a decentralized way if you have KYC and allows you to get the rewards.

8. Rewoop. When you click the Rewoop button, the ad will automatically appear in your profile, and all your friends and followers will see it on your Feed, which makes the Campaign viral.

⚠️ When you click Rewoop, it is also necessary to approve the transaction and pay the gas fee.

9. Campaigns are organized according to what users get paid to watch them. The first ones that will appear are those campaigns that offer more rewards.

10. The Woonkly ecosystem is now much more than a Decentralized Social Network. It is now also composed of the Advertising Gamification and Mass Selling Panel, the Web3 & NFT Marketplace, the Web3 Wallet Creation system using Social Networks, and the Web3 Product, Service, and Collection Builder, using NFT technology. A player to watch within the blockchain sector, with products such as the Web3 Marketing Marketing Marketplace, never before seen.

11. For starters: Binance Smart Chain. We are focusing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to undertake our new Advertising Panel. Gas costs are increasing, so we are focusing on the Binance Smart Chain network first to test the concept and ensure everything works correctly. When it works perfectly, we will move to Ethereum as well.

12. WMP Airdrop for early Superpower holders. All of you who acquired the Double Power superpower in the preferential minting period will get an Epic WMP NFT. You will receive the Airdrop in the following weeks directly in your wallets.

13. How to create a campaign on Woonkly? In the CREATE button, you will be able to use the Call To Actions currently available, which are: Visit a website or a social profile. Then we will incorporate all the CTAs, such as Mint NFT, Sell Digital Product, Fundraise, etc.

Here is the how to create a Campaign in the new Ad Panel:

1. Go to Wonkly.com and Click on Create Campaign.

2. Choose a target for your Campaign (Now you can choose between Visits to Woonkly.com Website, OpenSea, any website, or to one of your profiles on Social Networks like Twitter, Telegram, or Instagram).

3. Add the amount of your Campaign

4. Indicate the amount of Rewoops you want to get.

5. Name your Campaign and add the URL of the Product Landing Page and Social Networks to increase its reach (Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Github).

💰The minimum budget for a campaign is 1 $BNB or 1 $ETH.

14. The Affiliate System will start working in the next few weeks.

15. Are you an advertiser, or do you have a company that wants to promote blockchain products or services? Reach an utterly Web3 audience and reward your new customers at the same time on Woonkly’s new Ad Panel 💥

👏 If you need to contact our account executives to help you create your first advertising campaign on Woonkly, contact us here.

⚠️ Right now, users must connect to the new Dashboard using their wallet. Later, we will incorporate the Social Login option so everyone can join and earn with their social networks like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Stay tuned to the Woonkly Telegram group, and social media:

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