Five key points of Woonkly Labs’ new social network NFT

The most important features of Woonkly Labs’ new social network NFT

At Woonkly Labs, we continue to grow. With the whole team working to meet the objectives, Daniel Santos, CEO and founder, announced the other news that will arrive in the future at a news conference. Given the great expectation generated around the launch of the new social network Woonkly.com, the community has already discovered the new interface and even have direct access to it.

We wanted to take a step forward and make ourselves known outside our community. To this end, in this pre-launch phase of the social network, Mr Santos explained that we are creating meaningful partnerships with the soccer, music and basketball industries, among others, to have very relevant personalities from these sectors create their profiles and upload their own NFTs on Woonkly.com.

Daniel stated that the Woonkly social network would go live on the Ethereum network, and later in the official launch, the Binance Smart Chain network will also be available. He added that work continues on integration with other networks and an APP to facilitate the user experience.

Santos confirmed that the primary and official token of the NFT social network would be the WOOP, although it will also be possible to pay with different currencies. In this way, the payment of NFTs with WOOP will only have a 1.5% commission, while if it is made with other types of coins, 3% will be assumed with the aim of thus encouraging the use of Woonkly’s native token.

The integrated advertising system in the NFT social network, as reported by Mr Santos in the recent seminar, will be implemented in the first quarter of 2022. Later on, the platform will allow the creation of time-specific auctions, groups, private chats and live events.

Among the novelties of the new social network, Daniel Santos advanced that work is being done in the field of metaverses to acquire some of them. In this way, our project will take off even more shortly.

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