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2 min readOct 8, 2021


This is the approximate KUBIC x Block chart for 24 Months.

In this blog, we explain to you the approximate KUBIC x Block chart for 24 Months:

1️. Double KUBIC per block

Let’s double the KUBIC per block for three months😎.

2. The raise of APR KUBIC/WOOP pair

We will raise the APR of the KUBIC/WOOP pair in the Liquidity Pool! 👑

3️. About Liquidity

We will proceed to withdraw liquidity from wDEFI in PancakeSwap and migrate it to KUBIC in PancakeSwap (until the token change is updated in Coingecko).

⚠️WARNING⚠️ Due to this move, temporarily and until they update the data, the price may be altered in Coingecko.

➡️ You can access the actual price of KUBIC at this link:

4. Complete migration to pools on

Once we are signed up with Coingecko as an Exchange, we will proceed to migrate the liquidity from PancakeSwap to our own Pools on With the liquidity completely migrated to our pools in, we will have already finished the migration to 💪

5. We are starting in style, with an unprecedented KUBIC token burn!

In a few days, we will burn what was scheduled to be burned in 2 years!!!! A single historic burn will make it possible for the total supply to be less than 5,000,000,000,000 and the circulating supply to be less than 3,200,000,000,000 💥

Thus we are on schedule and keep the supply of our new KUBIC token smaller.🙌🏼🚀

6️. Add liquidity back to the KUBIC/BNB pool

All users who have put liquidity in the wDEFI/BNB pool of PancakeSwap can make their token change in our swap to be able to add liquidity back to the KUBIC/BNB pool.

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