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2 min readNov 10, 2021


Daniel Santos, CEO and founder of Woonkly Labs, announces great news about, their AMM, in his latest seminar

(Migration of KUBIC from the platform to

The Woonkly Labs brand is constantly evolving. During its last seminar, the brand released news about its new social network Now, CEO and founder, Daniel Santos, has focused all the attention on the brand’s AMM (Automated Market Maker), Kubic, which has already achieved the migration of the platform to finally become

Mr. Santos announced this exciting news to an eager community, who was on the edge of their seats to hear about cryptocurrency from Woonkly Labs. With this process completed, Woonkly Labs can start registering Kubic as an exchange on different platforms such as CoinGecko or CMC (CoinMarketCap), among others.

In addition, Daniel Santos said that once Kubic is registered as an exchange, the liquidity that, until now, remained in its PancakeSwap pools will be withdrawn. Kubic’s interface will also be improved with a new tab that will allow users to track more exhaustive statistical information on the behavior of the platform, and the assets hosted on it.

New features

Kubic’s information and analysis will be accessible, with 24-hour liquidity and volume. Users will also be able to intuitively observe the price changes of the token and the pools that are giving the highest rewards, and the exchange rate of the tokens in the pool. This will allow users to have the most important information at their fingertips, in a matter of seconds.

Kubic’s super burn is now a reality

Super burn, a tool that will contribute to the AMM’s growth, is scheduled for launch soon. This will allow KUBIC’s circulating supply to remain below 5 billion tokens, which will contribute to price growth. This operation will also help to keep the currency’s inflation from being affected. In this way, it will burn in a single transaction that was originally planned to be burned, periodically, over the next two years.

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