Interview with the CTO at Woonkly: Shuberth Chi Balam

Learn more about the technological development and perspective at Woonkly

4 min readFeb 10, 2020


Woonkly introduces a change of paradigm to the advertisement industry with the use of cutting-edge technology, the blockchain. Using our platform, advertisers have direct contact with their audience, complete campaign management, and automation. In some minutes, any user can distribute content within the decentralized network.

Moreover, by removing middlemen it is possible to reward users in proportion to their dedication to watching videos. Users receive tokens (WOONK, already available on LAToken) by simply playing the videos they like. In other words, they get paid in proportion to the time they spend online! This is a core innovation that Woonkly introduces to the industry.

Some of the advantages of Woonkly are the following:

  • Operative costs reduction,
  • Content distribution on a budget,
  • Cost per click optimization (CPC).

What technological challenges has Woonkly overcome?

Woonkly has to implement an ecosystem that escalates with time in proportion to the user base, content creators, and advertisers. For this to happen, we have estimated the measures needed that are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain.

We expect to foresee the growth rate of the platform adequately beforehand to be one step ahead in the development and assure the quality service in each phase.

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We have already solved some challenges that come along with a decentralized platform, such as the consensus algorithms, the blockchain management, and others. What’s more, in our case, there is a focus on responsive development, namely, our product must be fully-usable on any device and we will have a leap on this direction once we have the mobile apps ready to use Woonkly on Android and iOS. For the time being, we are focused on tuning our web platform.

Will Woonkly be available on any device?

Yes, the aim is to have a responsive and user-friendly platform while we plan the development of the apps.

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The roadmap dates may vary slightly as the project advances. However, we are optimistic and working 24/7 to improve our platform. Currently, it is possible to open Woonkly on mobile browsers and, of course, on desktop either on Windows or Macs. We recommend the use of mainstream (popular) browsers to assure UX, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

What can we know of the UX/UI of Woonkly 2.0?

We have gathered feedback and suggestions from a group of users who have tested the platform to make improvements. Woonkly 2.0 boosts the user experience and the interface, UX and UI.

Some of the main features that we have added are the following:

  • Edit and Removal of campaigns,
  • 2FA activation,
  • Investor dashboard integration.

We are still refining the details of Woonkly 2.0 to make every functionality work perfectly.

For now, we keep having the version 2.0 under a close testing period but, hopefully, we will open the platform to the public rather soon. We are excited to have v. 2.0 available for everyone!

How will Woonkly grow in the next months?

Once we open Woonkly 2.0 to the public, we will shift the focus to integrating more languages into the platform. We also plan to review and check more alternatives for the storage and usage of the videos for the campaigns, and the app dev. Based on our analysis of the project and the market, we will consider the integration of other features with the due announcement in the future.

Woonkly will add more services in the next months. It is fundamental for us that the users have all the features available in their dashboard, and achieving seamless functionality. For this reason, we are dedicating considerable time to the testing with real users of our community who give us valuable feedback to improve.

How Does Woonkly Handle Scalability?

Woonkly is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Thus, the challenges related to scalability are similar to those of this blockchain.

According to its co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, about this matter of interest for any project working on Ethereum for the long term:

“The scalability is a bottleneck because the Ethereum blockchain is almost full. If you are a bigger organization, the calculations point out that joining us, not only will make us more complete, but we will be actually competing toe-to-toe with everyone for the same transactional space. It is already expensive and it will become five times more costly thanks to us. There is peer pressure that makes people hesitant to join […]”

For this reason, we will ponder the options needed to make sure that the services are available for the users at all times.

As the platform gains traction, network management will demand more resources. Woonkly aims to stay at the vanguard in the technology department to keep one step ahead of the growth.

Woonkly reduces the operational costs by connecting advertisers, brands and users. Moreover, Woonkly is fully compatible with any digital platform, tokenized or traditional. More information is available on

Written by César Patiño, PR Manager at Woonkly.




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