Key Takeaways from the Woonkly Seminar: Access using your social media accounts, Interact with all NFTs in the market, and Decentralized Advertising

7 min readJul 13, 2022


Our CEO, Daniel Santos, pointed out that the initial concept of Woonkly has not changed. It has been reinforced and turned into a more thorough and innovative product. He also revealed Woonkly’s following updates, the company’s forecasts, and its WOOP token.

Santos noted that Woonkly’s focus will be on the Marketplace Aggregator and Decentralized Advertising.

We are entering some of the most challenging crypto winters in history. We have seen this market crash frequently happen, affecting all projects in the sector (in this case, especially NFTs, whose daily volume has fallen by more than 98% compared to 2021). Therefore, it is only normal that many investors are discouraged.

At this Woonkly Seminar, our CEO talked about the current market situation, the unshakeable mission and vision of the company, and what Woonkly’s plans are to survive the crypto winter. The goal is for the entire community to emerge stronger, using the most innovative platform on the market.

Where We Are. Our CEO answers your questions live

We asked our community members to send in questions for our CEO to answer live during the Seminar. Here you can find one of the most important questions and its corresponding answers:

A community member asked the following question: “What is the status of the company’s business model?” Santos responded that Woonkly must generate enough to be able to sustain itself, be able to grow, and then bring profits to its users. Santos continued, “We are focused on business lines that give us more capital and are not so exploited in today’s world.”

The platform:

Development 80% and Troubleshooting 20%. Faced with several of the community’s doubts about pending and upcoming updates to the platform, our CEO expressed that before moving forward, we are focused on solving pending challenges. “We are doing very well, but 20% of our developers will be allocated to tie up loose ends.”

“We will enable a link for you to send us any bugs you detect on the platform during the months of July and August. These are our slower months, during which we will take advantage of time to regroup, develop further and solve any reported bugs.”

Santos also clarified that NFTs have yet to be ported from V1 to V2 because we were using older technology in V1, and V2 is scalable and much more advanced. “Our developers have already done the DB transfer manually. Now we have to migrate it, which we will do very soon. Users will definitely have to re-mint their NFTs, that’s for sure, and for example, if you have 400 NFTs in V1, re-listing them will cost you approximately about $10 on the BSC.”

However, he reiterated that our priority will be to continue the development of Woonkly’s technology, and that we will put 80% of our resources towards this task.

Woonkly Superpowers. Many of you asked about the F1 superpowers and NFTs you have already acquired from Woonkly. Our CEO commented that we will begin using superpowers once we have enough users for it to make sense. However, he clarified that current Woonkly NFT holders will have a “Founder Profile” in V2. “They will have a gold badge on their profile. It may not matter much now, but it will once we have 10 million users.”

Woonkly V3: Social Login and all the September updates

The latest Woonkly V3 release is essentially an update to the same platform, with more technology, more features for users and businesses, and an improved design. There is no need to migrate tokens, NFTs, or do anything at all. V2 will become V3 with the upgrade itself.

Social Login will mean a before and after in the history of NFTs. It’s going to allow us to gain a lot of users.” By being able to register with your social media accounts or e-mail, Woonkly will be massive and accessible to everyone who wishes to participate without prior knowledge of NFTs.

Also, Bulk Collection, Landing Pages, Minting Pages, and the Collection Generator will be launched in September (you can see descriptions of each feature in this blog). These features will change the global market of NFTs.

Our CEO commented that these functionalities are already in the testing process, and will be ready to release in the next few weeks. However, it would not be strategic due to the macroeconomic environment and the current state of the crypto market. “We can technically launch them, but to make the most impact, we need to eliminate bugs and simultaneously launch all of these functionalities. Woonkly V3 will be released in September.”

The long-awaited DApps and Redesign in Woonkly V3

He also confirmed that the long-awaited Woonkly DApps for Android and iOS will be released in V3. “Bringing everything together to launch Woonkly V3 in September and doubling or tripling the user base between now and the end of the year will be easier if we launch everything at the same time.”

Woonkly UX redesign. Woonkly V3 will arrive with a cooler and more unique design. Our CEO shared that we have taken a lot of inspiration from Pinterest for the redesign. He also added that we are focusing on two significant CORES in regard to updates.

The CORES of Woonkly V3: The Spider and Decentralized Advertising

CORE 1: The SPIDER (Marketplaces Aggregator). “We are already testing it, and it will have versions 1, 2, and 3. The SPIDER allows you to visualize all NFTs in existence from different sectors on Woonkly, perfectly structured and decentralized, with all prices from each platform. Additionally, the SPIDER enables you to interact and buy NFTs directly, without leaving Woonkly. We are also focusing on search filters. The SPIDER is the first CORE of Woonkly V3. It’s like the GOOGLE of NFTs.”

CORE 2: Decentralized Advertising. “It is the CORE of our existence, has been there from the beginning, and how we got started. In the beginning, at a basic level, we will use decentralized advertising to generate revenue for the platform. Later, we will jump at the idea of utilizing advertising dollars to pay users to view and interact with advertiser’s content. Woonkly will keep a commission, which will be shared with the holders. Our decentralized advertising system will also have three stages.”


WOOP and the power of a deflationary model

The Woonkly Power (WOOP). Let’s recall a bit of the token history. The first private sale of WOOPs (in which anyone could participate) was in December 2020 at 0.006 BNB. Subsequently, in January 2021, WOOP was listed on Pancakeswap, which negatively affected the price. There was a lot of demand for the token and little liquidity on Pancake, therefore the price artificially spiked and progressively returned to a realistic price throughout 2021.

All the tokens are owned by the team, the company, and its users. “We have always injected capital from the company. The team has not sold any tokens, and the company stopped selling tokens for internal expenses once the bear market started. We feel very encouraged because we have observed that approximately 300 million of the 440 million tokens in circulation are in Woonkly’s stake, which means that most WOOP holders trust the project.”

“Between 80–90% of the Woonkly community members are holders.”

How to reach the deflationary model of WOOP?

We are currently analyzing different strategies to make WOOP a deflationary token. “We have concluded that an interesting formula would be reducing supply through token burning like leading projects, such as Binance’s BNB cryptocurrency, do. The strategy would also include launching all updates together in September with Woonkly’s V3.”

He also noted that in order to make the token deflationary, it would be wise to automatically burn a portion of the income generated on the platform with WOOP, in transactions, buy-sell fees, advertising, and other revenue, through a smart contract. However, he stressed that all of this is currently being analyzed and that each user will have to do their own research in order to make informed decisions.

What is to come. To sum up, our CEO thanked the entire community for their trust and talked about the projection of NFTs and Woonkly itself. “NFTs are the future. I don’t mean the monkeys, but the technology. Years from now, all homes will be sold using NFTs.”

“We have been working hard and will continue to work on converting WOOPs to equity, and soon everything is going to be ready and regulated on paper. We have two months of restructuring ahead of us (July and August), and in September, we will launch Woonkly V3 with the new features and enhancements.”

“The appetite for the company is bigger than for the token.”

Santos culminated the July 8 Seminar with the following reflection:

“Success is to keep going. Eventually, it happens. During crypto winters like this, you put on a good face, cut costs and keep moving forward, because success does comes. At Woonkly, this is what we are doing. We have reduced expenses by two-thirds, and are cleaning up our structure. Success is still ahead of us. We are learning from our failures and preparing everything for the next stage.”

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