Meet Daniel Santos (Mr. Santos), CEO and Founder at Woonkly

Mr. Santos is one of the top crypto influencers, entrepreneur and renowned businessman

We had the chance to meet with Daniel Santos, the CEO, and founder at Woonkly and other cutting-edge projects. In this post, we summarize the recent interview with Mr. Santos, a top entrepreneur who is leading the way in highly-innovative development in decentralization. Woonkly, a decentralized streaming platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, is one of its vanguard enterprises.

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that is spreading in many business niches. One of the most promising implementations is decentralized ecosystems. Automation is key to making such a project like Woonkly possible. Let us learn more about the CEO and founder of this platform.

About Mr. Santos

Daniel Santos, usually known as Mr. Santos on the networks, is a well-known influencer on YouTube. At press time, Mr. Santos’ channel has +129 k followers, and +170 videos uploaded — and snowballing! Weekly seminars and regular videos focus on the debate about the international latest news, forecasts, and the thinking-out-of-the-box perspective.

“In a few years, decentralized services will be as mainstream as the centralized platforms are today.” — Mr. Santos

A background of +13 years of experience in the technology field and startups ecosystem is the foundation of entrepreneurship. Currently, Mr. Santos is the CEO of two international blockchain companies, Woonkly and Rewire, a blockchain international wire service that turns old-school ‘going the bank’ into using your mobile.

The upcoming Woonkly 2.0 platform, currently under testing by the community, is to be released soon.

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Why is Woonkly a great project?

Woonkly is a substantial project with licenses and an active community. Our users are engaged with our products and developments. We value the support of the token holders, testers, users, and each participant in the ecosystem. With such setup, Woonkly is good to take off in 2020.

The Woonkly platform has a user-friendly multi-purpose dashboard to manage tokens, ads, campaigns, and more. Thus, you can set up your campaigns with WOONK, withdraw earnings, deposit, etc. Woonkly 2.0 revamps the UX with a refined UI and more core features.

“Woonkly is a visionary project. In some years, decentralized platforms will become more common, just as regular sites we use today. We may not realize if we are using centralized or decentralized apps when integrations mature a bit more.” — explained Mr. Santos.

Mr. Santos added: “YouTube and other streaming platforms are popular now. They will [still] be popular in some years. In a decade, people will use other platforms. [There will be] …more audience that will be diversified within the many streaming services. Woonkly will position itself by that time since it’s growing from today. We have a great community, a loyal audience. That is our most valuable asset to grow in the long term.”

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Is Woonkly legal in all the countries?

Mr. Santos: The short answer is yes.

Interviewer: And, what is the long one?

Mr. Santos: It is also yes! — smiles. There is a lot of bureaucracy related to the licensing that our project needs. We could talk for days about that.

Established and operating under the laws of Estonia, Woonkly Ltd. has come along a long way to obtain the licenses required by the EU to work in crypto markets and provide blockchain-powered solutions. Woonkly Ltd. has a license in the area of activity of financial services, providing a virtual currency wallet service.

Additionally, Woonkly Ltd. also holds a license in the area of financial services, providing services of trading a virtual currency by fiat currency. In compliance with the laws of Estonia, Woonkly allows users to buy their crypto assets, WOONK and ETH, seemingly from their updated dashboard in a matter of seconds.

Why Should People Back Woonkly?

Woonkly allows users to go both ways: either be as active as they want or 100% passive. In both cases, they can earn tokens. We provide the freedom that other platforms do not allow. For instance, you can only watch videos on YouTube; nothing else is of value for regular users.

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

Yes, you can interact with people, but you have dozens of social networks suitable for that and more. You cannot make money unless you create videos, and even so, you’d need a broad audience. It is only feasible with time and if you have the dedication. Becoming an influencer is not an easy task.

Premio Silicon Valley PnP Tech Center

Similar to the Facebook story, Woonkly is a startup that started in 2017 in Mexixo. The project was selected among +600 candidates in an international contest for startups, Selection Day, organized by the incubator at Silicon Valley, Plug and Play (PnP), which has also invested in other great digital projects in the past, such as Dropbox, Paypal, etc. was awarded as one of the 15 startups with the best forecasts in Spain and Latin America. Our project was accelerated for 3 months in the offices of PnP, based on Guadalajara, Mexico. From that moment, the company has followed its own path achieving numerous milestones. Today, we have a very engaged community and we are about to open Woonkly 2.0 to the public.

What You Can Do with Woonkly

At Woonkly, you can earn money from day one. Log in, catch some POCs on a video, you have the tokens. It takes no more than a few minutes to get income. On the other side, if you go full passive, the Woonkly Share Token (WST) program is the best choice for the long term. Each 100.000 WOONK is tradeable for 1 WST, which provides revenue to the owner. No need to do anything other than wait to get your tokens.

“We have a great community, a loyal audience. That is our most valuable asset to grow in the long term.” — Mr. Santos, CEO at Woonkly

We look forward to achieving meaningful goals in 2020. You can help us make it happen by following us on social networks. Stay tuned!

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Written by César Patiño, PR Manager at Woonkly.



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