New listing on DigiFinex allows users to acquire WOOP with Bitcoin

From May 6, users will be able to trade WOOP/USDT, WOOP/BTC pairs on DigiFinex

Woonkly Power (WOOP) by Woonkly has been listed on May 6 on the DigiFinex exchange, based in Singapore. From this day at 17:00(GMT+8) users of the platform will be able to trade between the listed pairs WOOP/USDT and WOOP/BTC.

With over 4 million users, DigiFinex currently ranks in the top 20 exchanges on CoinMarketCap according to trading volume. The alliance between Woonkly and DigiFinex opens one more door for the positioning of WOOP in the Asian market, specifically the Chinese market, where the exchange is focused.

From May 6, when trading opened, until May 13 at 17:00 (GMT+8) — (11:00 Madrid time), DigiFinex will host a large Listing Campaign, consisting of the following events:

Event 1: $6,000 in WOOP (exclusive for new users)

During this event, newly registered users whose trading volume (buys & sells) in WOOP/USDT reaches 100 USDT can share the 10,000 WOOP ($6,000) in the reward pool exclusive for new users.

Event 2: Deposit WOOP to share 6.000 WOOP

During this event, users whose net deposits ≥ 300 WOOP (net deposits = total deposits — withdrawals) can share 10,000 WOOP ($6,000) according to the personal proportion of the number of net WOOP deposits. (Internal transfers are not included)

Event 3: Exchange WOOP to share $15,000 in WOOP

During this event, users whose trading volume(buys & sells) ranks among the top 30 and is greater than 2,000 USDT can share 25,000 WOOP ($15,000) according to the proportion of personal trading volumes.

Event 4: Stake WOOP to share 9.000$ in WOOP

During this event, we will put 15,000 WOOP in the “Candy Box” and users will be able to earn interest by blocking WOOP. Rewards will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

DigiFinex has informed that the distribution of rewards will be made 7 days after the end of the events.

To learn more about the event rules and rewards go to the DigiFinex blog:

DigiFinex is an exchange based in Singapore but focused on the Chinese market, created in 2017. Their users can trade spot, leverage, perpetual swaps, and buy crypto with fiat currency. DigiFinex is one of the world’s top 10 crypto exchanges by trading volume and liquidity, offering spot, leverage, perpetual swap trading, and fiat to crypto trading.

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