Spanish Entrepreneur Wins Crypto Influencer of the Year Award

Daniel Santos, also known as Mr. Santos, the CEO and founder of Woonkly Labs, has won the Crypto Influencer of the Year Award at the 2021 Europe AIBC Summit in Malta.

Daniel Santos, at a conference in Spain.

Young entrepreneur Daniel Santos, known as Mr. Santos on Youtube and the CEO and founder of woonklylabs.com, has won the Crypto Influencer of the Year Award at the 2021 Europe AIBC Summit. The Spaniard competed in Malta with other relevant personalities such as Tone Vays, John Karony, Richard Buettner, Mohammed Carrim and The Moon Carl. However, the support of his community was proven to be more than effective, and he was recognized as the Crypto Influencer of the Year.

His colleagues from Woonkly Labs, who attended the AIBC event in Malta, graciously accepted the award and revealed new features, which are coming soon: kubic.com and woonkly.com. The new social network Woonkly.com will allow users to send private messages and comment on posts, like NFTs, save them for viewing later and browse through dozens of categories.

Daniel Santos would like to take this opportunity to thank his YouTube and Woonkly Labs communities for their support. “They have made this possible. I feel very proud of what we’re building together. My YouTube and Woonkly Labs communities, who never stop supporting me, have been very active with voting. It’s a very important award and it gives us even more momentum,” says Mr. Santos.

The Woonkly Labs team receives the award on behalf of Daniel Santos

The Spanish entrepreneur has won an international award that endorses his work as an influencer and communicator on his YouTube channel, which already has 300,000 subscribers. Economy, Politics and Investments are his main topics of discussion. Mr. Santos is already planning to tackle the challenges he has at hand, with the utmost effectiveness, and to continue growing with his community.

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