These are the 10 keys to the onboarding seminar of the new version of Woonkly

Our CEO, Daniel Santos, was in charge of announcing that yesterday the onboarding of the new version of started!!!

Did you miss yesterday’s Woonkly Express Seminar? Our CEO, Daniel Santos, was in charge of announcing that yesterday the onboarding of the new version of started, whose new features will be unveiled in the coming weeks until the global launch at a Gala in Cines Callao next May 12, 2022.

1. The release of the new version of Woonkly is a modular launch of several weeks, which allows us to guarantee the correct operation of all the functionalities. We are testing each of the modules before activating them for all of you.

2. A new Woonkly V2 update will be released every week. Today on you can create and optimize your profile and put your WOOP on the Stake Pool. Next week the New Feed will be available.

If you are a new user, you can create your account, with your profile picture, cover, social networks, whatever you want to show. If you already had a wallet in V1, your contacts are automatically imported (not your profile picture and cover page). You will have the option to search for users. At the moment, you will be able to filter by country and gender. You can add friends and followers. Making friends in Woonkly is very important because in the future you will be able to offer benefits only to your friends.

4. Yesterday the WOOP Stake rewards on were stopped and users will have to migrate their WOOP to the new WOOP Stake on, which will activate rewards next Tuesday April 5. KYC is not required for the Woonkly Stake. KYC on Woonkly is only required to verify identity when creating a profile.

5. Audits are already fully completed by Halborn auditors. V2 has 21 smart Contracts, and all have been audited.

6. During the next six weeks Woonkly V1 will also be active, then only the new version will be fully AVAILABLE.

7. After the launch of several weeks, comes the integration with the Solana network. This will be the next blockchain available on Woonkly.

8. Woonkly superpowers will be an official collection. F1 NFTs (which had superpower utility) will be redeemable for those in the new collection coming out next May.

9. On May 12 we will have the Woonkly Global Launch in Madrid.

10. Our CEO will do his best to do weekly Seminars during the next weeks. This month is going to be full of surprises, APRIL IS A GREAT MONTH! So stay tuned to our social networks 🚀👀.

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