These are the highlights of the Woonkly Seminar (June 16): upgrades, Dapps, NFT license, DAO, and much more

9 min readJun 17, 2022


Our CEO, Daniel Santos, led the most extensive seminar in Woonkly’s history.

These are the keys to the Woonkly Seminar from June 16, 2022, led by our CEO, Daniel Santos. A two-and-a-half-hour seminar that you can miss. The entire team in all the countries continues to work non-stop. The whole team is working hard to build the future of NFTs. The Amazon of NFTs.


1. We are in the middle of crypto winter. Given the crypto winter the market is experiencing, confidence in the cryptocurrency market has fallen, and the collapse of projects like Luna and Celsius are living proof. The FED is all over the crypto market, and interest rates are sky-high. We are entering stagflation, inflation, and deflation at the same time. Everything our CEO has been talking about for years on his youtube channel Mr. Santos is happening.

2. We need to focus on growing the technology and reach of our platform, not the token. “I’m focused on all the necessary things to move Woonkly Labs projects forward. I’ve built a huge influencer portfolio with 2, 6, 10, and 12 million followers. The actions we will develop with them must happen at the right time. Every week we develop something new for Woonkly, updates, and news. Also, we are focusing on brands. The upcoming advertising campaign will be done entirely through influencers, one per week.”

3. Travel and partnerships in Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Soon, our CEO will travel to Dubai, USA, El Salvador, Brazil, and many more destinations to continue building partnerships with the world’s top influencers and brands. On the other hand, we are about to close a deal in India that can change everyone’s life. “There is nothing we are missing.”

4. We are currently at the top in terms of the platform. “There are many projects with poor platforms valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.”

In this part, our CEO analyzed the market and other NFT platforms such as Mintable (valued at $1B), Nifty Gateway (valued at $1.2B), and Zora (valued at $600M) that don’t even reach 50% of the technology that Woonkly brings to the global NFT ecosystem.

“Our infrastructure is advanced, powerful, solvent, and ready for scalability. If someone wants to copy us, it will take months. In addition, we are redesigning the entire website. In the coming weeks, you will see how the entire design of will change.”

5. Equity is what investors are looking at the most. Equity is rising faster than tokens. And we are in a perfect place in this regard. “With the new features, we will be well ahead of other platforms, and we will be at the point where we will be able to patent our code.”


The new features of (the v3) and everything is coming in the following weeks:

1. We are about to have the best NFT platform in the WORLD. From there, we will continue the development non-stop. First time in history that what is in our minds is becoming a reality. We will be the best metasocial marketplace, the Amazon of NFTs.

2. In the next few weeks, you will have the QUICK NFT update to create an NFT as fast as a post on a traditional social network like Instagram or Twitter.

3. In the Explore section, we are incorporating all kinds of filters, collections with more volume, closing soon, best sellers, and more.

4. The volume of NFTs on Woonkly. Currently, we have +4450 NFTs on Woonkly and +360 collections, and we are not counting everything on Woonkly v1, which will be soon on v2 too.

5. Verified Ticks. Soon, when passing KYC, users will get their blue verified tick on to publicly validate their identity. Then manually, we will check if they are a verified influencer or brand, and the tick will change to purple for influencers, companies, games, and metaverses.

6. Woonkly will differentiate itself from other marketplaces with Collections types. “We are about to launch something that will differentiate us from the rest in the next few weeks. No one -technologically speaking- has it.”

The “Bulk Collection” allows that if you have 10k or 20k NFTs, you can upload them in a single collection, all at the same time, quickly (without code knowledge).

On the other hand, with Woonkly Generator (registered code), you can upload a layered file, a collection with rarities. Technologically, this new feature is highly advanced, and in a matter of minutes, without any cost, you will be able to upload your collections with rarities.

“In the future, it is possible that Woonkly Generator will only be available for stakers with x amount of tokens.”

From these new platform features, “we’re going to be ahead of the curve.” With Woonkly Generator, you will also be able to create your NFTs minting landing page.

When minting an NFT, content creators usually need to hire developers. “Woonkly will auto-create your profile with everything you need to market your collection, including a minting landing page. NFT Revealing, instead of doing it by code, will be able to be done by creators with a single button. This is awesome. We’re already testing it. Today, everything published on Ethereum also goes to Mintable, Rarible, and Opensea. So, many, many users will build their collections professionally in minutes on, and then they will be on all platforms at once. This is going to attract a huge influx of users.”

7. New networks on Woonkly. We are in the process of integrating the HEDERA and POLYGON blockchains into Woonkly. Two very top and functional networks that undoubtedly mean more options and users for the platform.

8. Social logins in Woonkly. “We are already testing the login without Metamask or any other wallet, but in a decentralized way. You can connect to with your main social media (Google, Facebook, Apple, GitHub, LinkedIn, BitBucket, GitLab, Twitter, Discord, Twitch, Microsoft). That’s where influencer marketing is going to start. Connect in 20 seconds. This will take us to another level, as you will be able to connect to the blockchain without even realizing it”.

9. The technology represents the price, not the token. Technology, partners, and alliances are the most important right now for

10. Woonkly’s SPIDER. “We’re already testing it.” The spider means that you will enter, and you will be able to see any NFT from any network we have integrated, from any decentralized platform, on Woonkly. Everything is cataloged by the best collections, but not only that, everything you publish is going to go to all platforms too. And not only that. You will be able to interact: if there is an NFT on Opensea or SuperRare or another marketplace, you will be able to see the price of each platform, and you will be able to buy it without leaving Woonkly.

11. Woonkly mobile Dapps in full development. We are already working on the iOS and Android Dapps. With all the development time we need and the time required for Google Play and App Store to approve them, we estimate that the mobile apps will be live in August.

12. With all these updates, we will be at the TECHNOLOGICAL FOREFRONT of the NFTs😎.

ℹ️Important. Remember to delete cookies and extensions from your computer for the platform to function correctly. The platform is working well, and our main goal is for you to have a good time on


What’s next for after this set of updates:

1. We will focus on the music, film, gaming, and fashion industries. “The fashion industry is estimated to move over $30B in NFTs. We are sectoring each of these industries and creating experiences for each. Also coming up are tickets, entertainment industry events.”

2. Developing non-stop. During the crypto winter, which will last for months, we must continue to develop and be ready for when the market stabilizes.

3. After that, we want to enter the physical assets market. NFTs in real estate, hotels, yachts, and airplanes. Any physical asset. “I think it’s going to be the biggest NFT industry shortly. It’s going to happen in 2–3 years. When that time comes, I don’t want there to be anyone who can stand up to us.”

Woonkly, regulation continues to be one of our most relevant targets for mass adoption.

1. Our CEO announced that we have been working with Dubai regulators. A new body has been created and is considering granting the first actual licenses in the UAE. Exchange and NFTs licenses.

“This is the world’s first NFTs license. You’re going to see the public announcement very shortly. We have signed an agreement with this entity, and Woonkly will be the first company worldwide with a license to trade NFTs. We will be in the sandbox for months and have an ‘authorization’ at the beginning. Then, the license will come. We are already working together. Working with a license will take us to another level. We will be the first in the world.”

2. We are in the process of updating our license in Estonia. “Many companies have already lost it. We are still fully compliant and fulfilling everything required by the regulation.

The Woonkly metaverse, what’s coming after Woonkly v3.

1. How to integrate Woonkly with the metaverse? “This is non-stop. We’ve been working for a while on something that we think is inevitable. We’ve gone through all the metaverses, and we want to connect Woonkly with the metaverses for wearables. At first, they’re not going to want us. They need us to be bigger and have more users.”

The intention is that any brand, company, and user will have access to their own metaverse, and there we can see all their NFTs. You’re going to be able to follow a brand or user and be able to access their own metaverse.

“We’re talking to a company (whose name I can’t disclose right now) so that users can scan their room, their house, and then you can access their house and sit with them in their house. We are partnering with a company, the most cutting-edge internationally, where everything looks almost real🤯 the experience is spectacular.”

The idea is first to develop it for brands and then users. At first, you will only be able to access the metaverse when entering another user’s profile. Then, the goal is that when there are many users, we’ll put all this together in one huge metaverse that emulates the world map and put all these mini metaverses together. “For example, your house will be located in the exact place in the world where it actually is. This is a long-term goal, and we will tell you more soon, in upcoming seminars.”


The WOOP, the latest five news:

1. Usability is the most important thing about our utility token, the Woonkly Power (WOOP). The more people use it, the more it will go up. We are working on it having more utilities than the current ones. “Also, getting new allies and partners, we are focusing on integrating the token in different places, companies, startups, etc.”

2. On the other hand, today, we were on Kucoin’s top gainers, and from the looks of it, the Chinese market has likely started acquiring our token.

3. We are thinking about exiting Pancakeswap. There has been a repeating pattern in recent times where this DeFi has not allowed us to raise the price with all their bots.

4. Our goal is to be in 8 of the top 10 exchanges by the end of the year.

5. To enhance the profits and direct participation of WOOP users and holders, we decided to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). With 200 million WOOP and whose token (Woonkly equity) will be called wDAO (each wDAO will have a value of 10,000 WOOP).

In this way, and as has always been the company’s goal, we generate trust, and the community will access Woonkly’s equity.

ℹ️A DAO is an organization that runs through rules encoded in computer programs called smart contracts. In short, under a decentralized share, there is voting, and the more votes you have, the more your vote counts.

“I will not rest until Woonkly is one of the largest companies in the world. The difference between success and failure is perseverance. We must continue to exist. A perfectly defined strategy, our values, and decentralization objectives are always very clear. The influencers, the media, and marketing; all ready to push the button. And above all, our users and partners winning and building the future together. WE KEEP GOING💪

⚠️Attention: The dates indicated by our CEO are purely approximate and should at no time be considered final dates. You will be the first to know about all upcoming updates, news, and new partnerships.

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