These are the key takeaways from the Woonkly seminar with the executive team held on July 25

5 min readJul 26, 2022


Our CEO welcomed Mr. Pink, the new senior partner of Woonkly Group.

In an unprecedented Seminar with Woonkly’s Executive Team, our CEO, Daniel Santos (Mr. Santos), Adam Ladjajd, Imran Khan, and Raymond Zhu introduced the company’s new majority shareholder: Mr. Pink, who officially joined the board and shared his enthusiasm and projection for the company. They also shared Woonkly’s 2022 and 2023 restructuring plans.

The following are the main highlights of the Seminar:

A. Mr. Pink, the new member of Woonkly’s Board of Directors

As of yesterday, July 25, 2022, Mr. Pink officially becomed a member of the Board of Directors of Woonkly Group and Kubic Group.

Mr. Pink addressed words of support and total commitment to Woonkly to the community. “I am thrilled to be officially on Woonkly. I have been studying the project for three months, and the result is that today I am 100% with Woonkly. Daniel has something unique, so I decided to join Woonkly and Kubic. I believe in Daniel and his vision and that he wants to make Woonkly and Kubic giant companies.”

“To the Woonkly community, I want to tell you that, especially yesterday, you gave me incredible energy with your reaction to the seminar announcement. I see that Woonkly has an awesome project, an awesome community, and a great leader. Leadership, community, and team are the key elements that make me trust so much in the project.”

He also noted that they are talking to great clients who keep telling us that Woonkly will be “The Next Big Thing.” “I believe in Woonkly and want us all to win. I believe in supporting each other and giving our best energy to accomplish our goals.”

“I’m a simple, normal person with many contacts who trust me, relationships, and outreach. Now we have hundreds of people who want to come with us to the project. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, I AM ALL IN!!!! I am 100% with Woonkly and Kubic.”

B. Woonkly’s new offices will be in Dubai

We are opening a whole floor of offices for Woonkly and Kubic in Dubai. Mr. Pink is handling this investment.

C. Woonkly’s successful audit

Before officially joining the project, Mr. Pink’s team spent three months auditing the company. “They did market research. Every time they tried to buy the token, it dropped. We thought the solution was an Equity to recover those tokens and get Mr. Pink’s network into Woonkly,” explained our CEO.

With the question in mind, How do we reward the community that has been with us from the beginning? They have come up with a beneficial solution for all who are part of Woonkly, and that takes shape in the Woonkly (Woonkly Group) Restructuring Plan 2022–2023, which we detail below.

Woonkly’s six verticals are embodied in five NFT platforms with the same core technology.

D. Woonkly’s Restructuring Plan 2022–2023

The six Woonkly Group verticals

  1. Franchises / White Labels: Provide NFT technology and the platform to third parties (customers).

2. Digital Collectibles Platform: These are the NFTs we know right now and Woonkly as a platform for minting and marketplaces aggregator.

3. Physical Assets Platform: Tokenize through NFTs digital assets, jewelry, classic cars, wines, etc., and Trading of these assets.

4. Real Estate Platform: Tokenization, Trading, and Renting of Real Estate with NFTs. “It’s so big that it can change the whole industry.”

5. Memberships: Member Club Master NFTs and Lending System. It’s about being able to buy NFTs that give you access to exclusive memberships, flight hours on private jets, etc.”

6. NFT B2B Tokenization: Tokenization services. “It’s where we charge for tokenizing products and services to our customers. It’s a step before these assets come in as NFTs to our platforms.”

In each vertical, we already have exclusive clients with extensive track records and turnover (see Seminar for more detailed information on this).

Woonkly Sharing Token (WST)

With the new Restructuring Plan, Woonkly will issue a Woonkly Sharing Token (WST), which can be acquired only with WOOP tokens. Woonkly will no longer share 40% of fees with the Woop Holders. “We will improve the experience and replace the return with an annual split of fees of the entire Woonkly Group products and services plus a return on the exit of any company in the group (Exit),” our CEO announced.

Also, people with WST will access exclusive seminars and events.

Our CEO informed the community that everyone participating will not have to give Woonkly their WOOPs. “When you exchange them, the WOOP go to a Smart Contract, and they will be locked there for 18 months. At the end of the lockout, you can get them back. We are giving confidence to all outside investors interested in joining a long-term project to come in. This way, we guarantee there will be no massive sales in those 18 months. The second lock-up will be 12 months.”

Key Facts:

- Only 300,000,000 WOOP are to be placed, equivalent to 300,000 WST.

- 1 WST may be acquired with 1,000 WOOP.

- This is a democratic format in which all those who have few or many WOOP will be able to enter the WST Club.

Process of the DAO from WOOP to WST

1- The WOOP token Stake will stop on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, at 13:00 CET.

2- Exchange of WOOP token for WST token will be available from Tuesday, July 26, 2022, at 13:00 CET until Tuesday, August 2 at 13:00 CET.

3- You will be able to Stake the WST Token in Stake 3.0 on from Wednesday, August 3, 2022, at 13:00 CET.

4- You will receive about 11% annual return on WOOP until December 2022.

5- You will receive 30% net commissions from Woonkly Group starting January 2023.

6- After 18 months of locking, you can exchange your WST for WOOP or lock them again to get rewards for the next 12 months.

E. Woonkly’s upcoming events in Dubai and California

Mr. Pink pointed out that we will do an event in Dubai and another in California soon. With a lot of celebrities and entrepreneurs of international scope.

“I am not only with Woonkly and Kubic at the investor level. I am here 100% with you. I truly believe that Woonkly will be a giant company internationally, and I trust very much in our CEO and the Woonkly and Kubic community.”

Do you want to know more about our last Woonkly Seminar? The full Seminar recording is now available on our official Telegram channels so that you won’t miss a word of all the good news shared by our Board of Directors. Welcome, Mr. Pink!

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