These are the main keys to the Woonkly Seminar from Friday, March 18, 2022

3 min readMar 21, 2022
“Our goal is to conquer the NFT market”, said Woonkly’s CEO, Daniel Santos.

We know that last Friday’s Seminar, presented by our CEO, has given us a lot to talk about and is not so easy to digest, that’s why we simplify it into these 17 points that, as a follower of the project, you can’t help but review and analyze. Here we go:

1. More than digital art. NFTs are for much more than digital art, and the new version of Woonkly focuses on different areas such as art, metaverses, games, music, and more, with specific collections of everything.

2. Metasocial Marketplace. We have changed our name from Metasocial Network to Metasocial Marketplace, the Amazon of NFTs.

3. Official launch of Woonkly V2. The official launch of the new version of Woonkly will take place on the last Thursday of March. We’ll make updates every Thursday until all the new features of the brand new version of Metasocial Marketplace are working.

4. Global presentation of Woonkly. On May 12, we will have the EVENT OF THE YEAR, presenting our new Metasocial Marketplace to the world. Celebrities, artists from all over the world, and our partners from Global Gift Foundation will attend. The first collections will also be released in May.

Woonkly on three networks. Woonkly v2 is on Ethereum, BNB Chain (former BSC), and Avalanche.

6. Cross-platform browser. Users can view NFTs and collections from all platforms (not just Woonkly).

7. Three profile types. When connecting the wallet, users can choose between 3 profile types: User/Influencer, Brand/Business, and Game/Metaverse.

8. Followers and friends. In the new version of, it is possible to follow other users and also be their friends.

9. NFTs without gas cost. For example, you create a free NFT (no gas cost), and the user who buys it pays for the gas. This feature is mainly aimed at artists.

10. New mixed royalties. We have added “mixed royalties” functionality, which means that when mining an NFT, it is possible to share the royalties between several users.

11. Creation of collections of each category. It is possible to create collections of any category, and the categories will be visible as NFTs are created within them.

12. Responsive and soon social logins. The responsive version is amazing, all clean and all calculated. About version 2.3, we will include social logins, and it will be possible to connect directly with Instagram or Twitter and generate a non-custody wallet.

13. Podcast and music in Woonkly. Users can listen to podcasts directly from the web and listen to full albums.

14. New social badge. We have created the social badge. If 30% of your creations go to charity, you will have better positioning and discounts on fees.

15. Integration of DeFi functionalities. The Kubic stake becomes part of Woonkly. All WOOPs will enter the Woonkly stake within the Metasocial Marketplace, positively impacting the APR.

16. Benefits for stakers. 40% of what the platform generates will be kept in a Smart Contract and will be distributed among the Woonkly stakers of the following year.

17. Fraction trading: It will be possible to fractionate an NFT and trade with the fractions during May.

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