Woonkly Labs: Tallinn (Estonia) Corporation with DeFi, NFT Social Network & Marketplace

With products regulated by Estonian law, Woonkly bridges the blockchain ecosystem and the traditional world

The defi.finance regulated AMM is now fully operational — in BETA version — and the NFT Social Network & Marketplace will be launched during July 2021 according to Woonkly’s Roadmap.

Estonia-based corporation Woonkly, dedicated to developing blockchain-based technology solutions, seeks to integrate the benefits of products created on the blockchain and the security offered by the current legislation of its country of origin through products such as its Automated Market Maker (AMM): defi.finance, and its NFT Social Network & Marketplace.

For Woonkly CEO Daniel Santos, there is currently a big gap between the two worlds.

“DeFi and NFTs are becoming more and more popular among people, and this makes it more necessary to regulate projects to create decentralized ecosystems where users feel more secure and can be accountable to the state afterward.”

Version 1.2 of defi.finance, Woonkly’s latest product, was launched during the 7th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress held on June 21–22, 2021. The new version features anti-money laundering (AML) security protocols and an identity verification system (KYC).

During the Congress, Woonkly also presented version 1 of its NFT Social Network & Marketplace now on testnet. According to the company’s CEO, this product “will revolutionize the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT),” as users will be able to create NFTs simply while generating revenue by interacting with the social network’s sponsored posts.

Woonkly is a Venture Builder, a leader in blockchain-based startups, specializing in cutting-edge products in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs. The corporation has a large, highly engaged, organic community that is growing at a dizzying pace; an international team with the best blockchain experts; offices in Estonia, Mexico, and Spain; and a technology development capacity that allows the company to adapt to the rapid transformations of the blockchain ecosystem.

The Native Tokens: WOOP and wDEFI, have more than 14 thousand holders. WOOP is listed on five globally robust exchanges. Just 48 hours after its launch, the “Total Locked Value” (TLV) on defi.finance reached $80 million, and WOOP has an average daily transaction volume of over $3 million.

Woonkly Labs is currently focusing most of its technology capabilities on the DeFi and NFT world. The company’s CEO announced that the NFT Social Network and Marketplace V1 would be released in July 2021 and will feature KYC for its users. This process legitimizes ownership of digital pieces and decreases risks related to money laundering, which makes Woonkly one of the first platforms in the NFT world to offer this type of identity verification and security to its users.

According to its Roadmap (available on its Livepaper), in the coming months, Woonkly will also launch version 2 of defi.finance which will bring, as a novelty, the integration of a proprietary liquidity router and liquidity pools.

Each Woonkly project seeks to combine the best of both worlds, decentralized and traditional, through intuitive and easy-to-use platforms for any user from an individual to an organization. All while focusing its efforts on security, minimizing risks, and ensuring that the benefits generated by its projects are shared equally between users and holders of its native token, WOOP.

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