Woonkly new product: defi.finance is now live with its new wDEFI token

The new platform allows users to Swap, add Liquidity, Farm, and Stake with the new token

Our CEO, Daniel Santos, announced during the last Woonkly Seminar that in the next 3–4 weeks the defi.finance platform will migrate from the BETA phase to V2.

Our new product defi.finance V1 is now available for users as of today, Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Users now can add Liquidity, Farm, Stake, and Swap the new token: wDEFI on defi.finance with the lowest commission rate in the market, 0.18% per Swap.

At defi.finance, users can get the New Token by Staking WOOP (you will have to move them from app.woonkly.com to defi.finance). They can also Farm the New Token by adding Liquidity to BNB/WOOP and BNB/wDEFI pairs. “We will progressively add more pairs to farm”, said our CEO, Daniel Santos.

Defi.finance v1 is a decentralized technology solution that is in BETA phase and users should use the platform at their own risk. Defi.finance v2 will be released in the coming weeks and will have KYC/AML policies. Therefore, anyone who wants to access their profile and accumulated funds will have to pass KYC again (regardless of whether they have already passed KYC on other Woonkly versions or platforms).

The initial price of the defi.finance token “Woonkly DEFI (wDEFI)” will be approximately 0.008$. From today, Tuesday, May 25, 2021, it will be possible to trade the token directly on dex.defi.finance.

The new defi.finance token wDEFI is inflationary. The novelty that defi.finance brings us is that 90% of the commission will be “burned” or used to buy back tokens that will be removed from the system to fight inflation.

The burning generates “the most deflationary inflationary token in the market”, according to our CEO. This way, defi.finance brings the highest “token burn” in the market, more than any other DeFi in the world.

For the launch of Woonkly new defi.finance platform, we held an Airdrop for all users who had their WOOP, native utility, and exchange token of the Woonkly ecosystem, staked on the app.woonkly.com platform by Wednesday, May 19 at 18:00 GMT+.

Nearly six thousand stakers qualified for the Airdrop and received wDEFI directly into their Metamask wallets. A total amount of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens was distributed, of which 600,000 millions went to platform users and 400,000 millions to Woonkly team members.

Our CEO announced during the last Woonkly Seminar that in the next 3–4 weeks the defi.finance platform will migrate from the BETA phase to V2.

The defi.finance v1 BETA platform is intended for testing the technology using small amounts of capital.

Therefore, users should not deposit large amounts of tokens. The Contracts are still being audited, and the platform is not officially launched to the public, only to the Woonkly community to test the product.

Defi.finance v2 will aim to reach individuals, professional investors, companies, and institutions. Therefore, it is essential to test all the technology before making the public launch.

Version 2 of defi.finance will arrive re-powered, as its code is developed from scratch by Woonkly. It also has its own liquidity router, and any liquidity aggregator, such as 1inch or PancakeSwap, can connect to this liquidity.

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