Woonkly will be the official sponsor of the Block World Tour 2021

The technological and multicultural event, established in Europe after eight editions over two years, will be held in Motril, Spain

Woonkly will be the official sponsor of the Block World Tour 2021

Woonkly will be the official brand sponsor of the ninth edition of the Block World Tour (BWT), to be held next June 24–25, 2021 in the city of Motril, located on the coast of the province of Granada, in southern Spain.

The announcement of the sponsorship was made by the CEO of the decentralized social network Woonkly, Daniel Santos, in the latest Seminar of the brand, published on its youtube channel Club Emprendedores.

“BWT is currently a benchmark for thousands of attendees and companies in the Blockchain sector and Woonkly is the most innovative project in the sector in Spain, then our alliance arise naturally, he said.”

At BTW, participants find the ideal place to learn about the most important developments in the blockchain sector, find collaboration opportunities, promote their projects and businesses, and be at the forefront of information about the technological future.

Like other Blockchain Summits of international reputation, BWT aims to: promote the adoption, innovation, and consolidation of this new technology that is changing the world, making known the main novelties that the industry is developing and continuing to promote it to a wider public.

Woonkly is a DeFi protocol that powers a Decentralized Social Network that makes use of Blockchain to connect advertisers, brands, and audiences, eliminating the intermediaries (the media) that normally get 100% of the profit.

Its main differentiator from other advertising companies in the blockchain sector is that, in Woonkly, 100% of the capital invested in advertising by advertisers is shared with the platform’s users, making use of its cryptocurrency, the WOOP.

The platform offers various services for users to Swap, provide Liquidity, and Stake with their cryptos in a simple way, without leaving Woonkly.

As of today, Woonkly has a community on Telegram of more than 15,000 people; a Crypto Startups accelerator; a proprietary Blockchain Network, created under the Hyperledger BESU protocol; a token created under the Binance Smart Chain Network, the WOOP; Crypto Wallet and Cryptocurrency Exchange licenses regulated by the European Union; connection with Polkadot, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain protocol; a decentralized network of nodes; and its token trades with a daily volume between 2,000,000 and 12,000000 US dollars.

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