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With products regulated by Estonian law, Woonkly bridges the blockchain ecosystem and the traditional world

The regulated AMM is now fully operational — in BETA version — and the NFT Social Network & Marketplace will be launched during July 2021 according to Woonkly’s Roadmap.

Estonia-based corporation Woonkly, dedicated to developing blockchain-based technology solutions, seeks to integrate the benefits of products created on the blockchain and the security offered by the current legislation of its country of origin through products such as its Automated Market Maker (AMM):, and its NFT Social Network & Marketplace.

For Woonkly CEO Daniel Santos, there is currently a big gap between the two worlds.

“DeFi and NFTs are becoming more and more popular among people, and this makes it more necessary to regulate projects…

The new platform is a bridge between DeFi and traditional finance

On the new version of, users must approve a Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) identity verification process.

Woonkly’s version 1.2, the first decentralized AMM (Automated Market Maker) exchange compliant with Estonian anti-money laundering and anti-money laundering directives, was launched during the 7th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress, held on June 21–22, in Dubai.

This new version of the platform represents a bridge between decentralized finance and the traditional world, being the first DeFi project in the world to adhere to the current legislation of Estonia, a member country of the European Union.

Woonkly’s CEO, Daniel Santos, explained that is a Decentralized Exchange…

The new platform allows users to Swap, add Liquidity, Farm, and Stake with the new token

Our CEO, Daniel Santos, announced during the last Woonkly Seminar that in the next 3–4 weeks the platform will migrate from the BETA phase to V2.

Our new product V1 is now available for users as of today, Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Users now can add Liquidity, Farm, Stake, and Swap the new token: wDEFI on with the lowest commission rate in the market, 0.18% per Swap.

At, users can get the New Token by Staking WOOP (you will have to move them from to They can also Farm the New Token by adding Liquidity to BNB/WOOP and BNB/wDEFI pairs. …

Our CEO, Daniel Santos, will open the event with Agora organizers

“GBC is not a conference nor an exhibition. This is an exclusive, closed-door, congress between investors and hand-picked Blockchain & DeFi projects looking to raise funds.”

Woonkly is the lead sponsor of the 7th Edition of the Global Blockchain Congress (GBC) “Celebrating DeFi and NFTs”, to be held in the city of Dubai next June 21–22, 2021, at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City.

More than thirty speakers and panelists from sound blockchain-focused projects will attend the event from all over the world. During the event, they will discuss and project the future of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Finances (DeFi), two of the most exciting topics in the sector right now.

Woonkly secured funding…

Woonkly’s new platform will be available for users on Wednesday, May 19, at 18:00 +2 GMT

You can check the launching countdown on ATTENTION! Please do not operate, swap, farm, or stake until the product is launched. It is not yet activated and may result in total or partial loss of funds. This is a technological and non-financial solution. Any operation is done at the risk and responsibility of the user.

Woonkly’s new decentralized finance platform Version 1 will be available for users next Wednesday, May 19, at 18:00 +2 GMT (Madrid), and its swap will have a commission cost of $0.18 per trade, the lowest in the market.

Our CEO, Daniel Santos, was in charge of presenting the new product in a seminar addressed to the Woonkly community. He informed that will have its own token, which initial price will be $0.001, and that its name will be released at launch.


From May 6, users will be able to trade WOOP/USDT, WOOP/BTC pairs on DigiFinex

Woonkly Power (WOOP) by Woonkly has been listed on May 6 on the DigiFinex exchange, based in Singapore. From this day at 17:00(GMT+8) users of the platform will be able to trade between the listed pairs WOOP/USDT and WOOP/BTC.

With over 4 million users, DigiFinex currently ranks in the top 20 exchanges on CoinMarketCap according to trading volume. The alliance between Woonkly and DigiFinex opens one more door for the positioning of WOOP in the Asian market, specifically the Chinese market, where the exchange is focused.

Deposit, trade, and stake to share 60,000 WOOP

Woonkly Power (WOOP) has been listed on the Asian exchange after a vote that exceeded expectations

WOOP, the native utility and exchange token of the Woonkly ecosystem, has been listed this Monday morning, April 19, 2021, on the centralized exchange

In the voting process, held from April 15 through April 16, 10 million votes were required from the exchange community to list WOOP, and Woonkly’s token garnered nearly 30 million, far surpassing the set goal.

List pairs

WOOP/USDT and WOOP/ETH trading opened on Monday, April 19 at 4:00 AM (UTC) on …

If favorable, the WOOP is expected to be listed on Monday, April 19

Vote to list Woonkly Power on since GMT 04:00 04/15–16
Vote to list Woonkly Power on since GMT 04:00 04/15–16
Vote to list Woonkly Power on

Woonkly CEO Daniel Santos announced last Sunday, April 11, 2021, that the Woonkly Power (WOOP) listing process on its first centralized exchange,, which is number 12 globally, has already begun. exchange also indicated that the WOOP Bonanza Week started on April 11th at 10:00 UTC and ends on April 18th at 10:00 UTC. “There will be a $40,000 WOOP giveaway benefit waiting for users to join the event”, they said on their latest blog, available here.

On April 15 and 16, the WOOP will be…

Since the end of March 2021, WOOP was listed on two of the most-referenced cryptocurrency price-tracking and analytics platforms

The Estonian startup’s token, WOOP, is already listed on the CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko platforms, which translates into more recognition and validation for this DeFi Cross-Chain protocol that powers an NFT Decentralized Social Network, Woonkly.

Both are reference sites with many years in the market aimed at people looking for information about cryptocurrency projects, official links, analysis, and monitoring of cryptoassets for possible investments.

About CoinMarketCap

Founded by Brandon Chez in May 2013, CoinMarketCap is one of the world’s most-referenced price-tracking websites for cryptoassets…

The technological and multicultural event, established in Europe after eight editions over two years, will be held in Motril, Spain

Woonkly will be the official sponsor of the Block World Tour 2021
Woonkly will be the official sponsor of the Block World Tour 2021

Woonkly will be the official brand sponsor of the ninth edition of the Block World Tour (BWT), to be held next June 24–25, 2021 in the city of Motril, located on the coast of the province of Granada, in southern Spain.

The announcement of the sponsorship was made by the CEO of the decentralized social network Woonkly, Daniel Santos, in the latest Seminar of the brand, published on its youtube channel Club Emprendedores.

“BWT is currently a benchmark for thousands…


Venture Builder focused on blockchain. Bridging the gap between blockchain and the Traditional World with NFT Social Network & Marketplace.

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